ILIEV Co. - Find business partner in Bulgaria and Spain
We can offer: * Finding the right/concrete business partner in Bulgaria and Spain * Consultations and analysis * Support for product certificates for the Bulgarian and Spanish market * Translation services * Participation at fairs and exhibitions * Website in Bulgaria and Spanish language * Print advertising in issues for the sector * Organisation of accommodation in Bulgaria and Spain (long- and short-term). Also: Psychology of the sales!

Roof repairs
Etajna sobstvenost Ltd. carries out all kinds of repair works on the roofs. Our employees are specialized in the detection and repair of leaks and cracks in the roof surface, as well as their removal. We perform any services for the repair and maintenance of your roof. Guaranteed quality and good prices! Contact us: tel 0895610203 e-mail or

Abrasive Supply Company In Los Angeles
Abrasive Suppliers Los Angeles - Widespread Industrial Supplies, Inc. is Abrasive Supplier in Los Angeles CA USA.

Hydraulic Press
We manufacture hydraulic press, hydraulic power packs, hydraulic cylinders, manifold blocks, material handling equipment and tailor-made Special Purpose Machines (SPM's) in hydraulics. Hydraulic press, hydraulic power packs, hydraulic press India, hydraulic equipment, hydraulic cylinders, hydraulic blocks, manifold blocks, material handling equipment, hydraulic SPM machine.

Torex Semiconductor Ltd. with Torex USA Corp. is one of the leading manufacturers of Power MOSFETs for all needs of the electronics industry. Torex gives out free Power MOSFETs samples of voltage regulators to the electronics design engineers. Torex is one of the major semiconductor manufacturers of USA.

S.P Tools Company India
Metal Cutting tools and Carbide tools from Addison, IT, Totem, Miranda, Sandvik, Widia, YG, Gurhing etc.

1st Choice Air Conditioning
1st Choice Airconditioning is a long established and reputable business being part of the 1st Choice Group (Aust) Pty Ltd. We have a strong commitment to service and quality products.

large water tanks
Bushranger Water Tanks supplies Modular water tanks, Slimline water tanks, Small water tanks, Large water tanks, Underground water tanks.

Pneumatica si Conectica
Rulmenti Suedia SRL.

Vacuum Lifters
Provides air bearings and caster solutions for moving heavy loads in the manufacturing environment.

Reconditioned Fuji SMT Equipment
Quality reconditioned Fuji SMT equipment. View our complete inventory of Fuji equipment online including Fuji CP 642, CP 643, CP 742, CP 743, NXT, XP, GL and GP series of machines.

Corner Protectors
We are manufacturers and exporters of paper cones, textile cones, paper tubes, paper cores, edge protectors, corrugated packaging material, composite cans, packaging paper products.

Titanium Storage Tank
Titanium Tantalum Products ltd (TiTaN), the manufacturer & supplier of exotic metal chemical process equipment offers chemical storage tanks including hazardous and non-hazardous chemical storage for the chemical processing industries. TiTaN's Chemical Storage Tanks includes Anolyte tank, Catholyte tanks, HCl storage tank, Brine recovery tanks, HCL storage tank, Sulphuric acid (H2SO4) tank, Mixing tank, Hazardous liquid tank, Corrosive liquid storage tank, Sodium hydroxide tank.

Machine tools, lathe delivery - Intermachinex
Intermachinex Company exports wide range of metal products: castings, hydraulic motors, machine tools and metal constructions.

Programmable Logic Controller - PLC Engineering
Programmable Logic Controller (PLC) Engineering is our specialty. Proven expertise in hundreds of cost saving PLC control projects - all brands of PLC, vision, micro controllers on high speed industrial, manufacturing, process and production lines.

Cabluri pentru aeroporturi
Halley Cables is one of the most important cable distributor from Romania, providing conductors and cables from nine world wide producers. Halley Cables team is defined by experience, professionalism, seriousness and strong relations with our customers.

RC CNC Hot wire Foam Cutters
We manufacture our own line of low cost hot wire CNC foam cutters. Mainly used by RC flyers enthusiasts and sign companies. The machines will cut wings, fuses, logos and letters accurately, and efficiently, saving unnecessary costs. The foam cutters are true 4 axis cutting EPS, XPS and EPP foam with tapered shapes. They come in 15x10x36 and 25x15x60 sizes. Assembling this new line is easy including being able to operate the machines in few hours. Free shipping in the U.S.

Water Tanks Victoria
Water tanks available to primary producers and the general public. Drougtmasta's supply trade.

Toronto HVAC
Husky Heating & Air Conditioning company proudly offers it's customers top quality central home heating and central air conditioning solutions (HVAC) in Toronto, Vaughan, Richmond Hill, Thornhill.