WAN acceleration
Apsera consultants have years of experience in networking and application performance and have had long tenure in renowned companies. Apsera has helped Fortune 1000 companies in diverse industries such as financial, healthcare, manufacturing and publishing, to plan and resolve critical business application performance issues. Apsera has developed and honed methodology that incorporates state-of-the art tools and is constantly improving efficiency of project delivery.

IAT Predictive Dialer
Provides innovative communication predictive dialers that improves productivity in the collection industry.

Rapide Communication Ltd. - SMS Marketing
Rapide is a company based from Coventry in the United Kingdom. Having grown organically over the last 8 years we have become a field leader in providing SMS marketing, mobile communication services and application solutions for mobile marketing. We are specialized in all forms of SMS marketing.

Structured cabling & copper products
Many structured cabling and copper products. Patch panels, copper wire, unshielded twisted pair cable, patch cord, structured cablings, rj45 jacks, cable boot and many more data copper products and applications.